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What is Battle of the Books?

Battle of the Books (B.O.B.) is a program for students in 3rd-6th grades. Students in these grades have a list of 20 books to read each school year. The goal is to read these books throughout the school year and then participate in Book Battles in the Spring. Think Spelling Bee Competition, but for books. Students will be assigned teams and will be asked questions about the books. The students will answer the questions with both the book title and book author. The more correct answers, the more points the team gets. The teams will move on in a double elimination tournament that will end in a Final Book Battle that will take place in front of their peers. Teams of 3rd-4th graders and 5th-6th graders will be formed. 

2023-2024 Book Lists

How do I sign up to join a team?


You can sign up for Battle of the Books for the 2023-2024 school year if you are going into grades 3rd-6th. You can sign up to join B.O.B. anytime between now and October 31st, 2023. Those that sign up AND read/log at least 5 books from the B.O.B. lists by December 1st, 2023 will be placed on a B.O.B. team and be able to participate in the battles. Those that sign up and read/log less than 5 books can still read, and earn buttons, but will be unable to compete in the battles in the Spring.

B.O.B. Timeline

This year's theme is: ESCAPE INTO A GOOD BOOK!


By September 1st, 2023: Read & Log 2 B.O.B. Books Over the Summer and Get a Special "Bags Are Packed!" Pin

By October 31st, 20223: Read & Log 5 Books by Halloween and Get a Special "Ready for Takeoff" Pin

By December 1st, 2023: Sign Up to Join the Battle of the Books Program (If you have signed up and logged 5 books by this date, you will be assigned a Battle of the Books number and will be eligible to participate on a team for the battles.)

December 2023: We Will Build the Teams and Finalize the Rules Based on the # of Students That Sign Up. Participants will be able to make ONE team friend request, for a friend that is in the same grade group (3rd/4th & 5th/6th) and has been assigned a BOB number.

January 11th, 2024: Teams Will Be Announced & Will Meet Together During School to Determine a Team Name, Captain & Co-Captain

January 3rd, 2024: Read & Log 10 Books by January 3rd and Get a Special "Exploring New Sights" Pin

January 17th & 18th, 2024: We Will Sponsor Our 1st After School Meet Up (3:45-4:15pm) for Teams to Get Together for 30 Minutes After School to Practice 

By February 14th, 2024: Read & Log 15 Books by Valentines Day and Get a Special "Loving New Adventures" Pin

February 2024: We Will Sponsor Our 2nd After School Meet Up (3:45pm-4:15pm) for Teams to Get Together for 30 Minutes After School to Practice

March 2024: We Will Sponsor Our 3rd & Final Before After School Meet Up (3:45-4:15pm) for Teams to Get Together for 30 Minutes After School to Practice

By April 1st, 2024: Read & Log All 20 Books by April 1st and Get a Special "Top Traveler" Pin to Commemorate All 20 Books Being Read

Week of April 8th-12th, 2024: Battle of the Books Tournament (Full Schedule Will Be Released in January 2024.

Volunteer to Help with B.O.B.

We need volunteers to help with B.O.B. throughout the year. We need help with updating the Bulletin Board each month, at Team Meet Ups, at Battles, putting together prizes, and with Battle Finals and Parties. If you would like to help, you can e-mail our Battle of the Books Coordinator, Stacey Harnois at:

Story Maps

Story Maps can be filled out after reading each book and will help your student remember the important parts of the book they read long after they read it. They can fill these out, and bring them to the after school meet ups, so teams can study them. 

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