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  • Foothills Elementary PTA: Non-Profit Organization in Riverton, UT

    PTA Mission To make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. We Need You! Volunteer your time & talents. Get involved in your child's school experience and make a difference! Click below to learn about all the ways you can support Foothills PTA. Support PTA Quick Links Praise Portal Make a donation Teacher Favorites 2024-25 School Year Calendar Bell Schedule School Lunch Menu Jordan School District Skyward Login School Website Givebacks CONTACT US Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments We are here to help! Email: Text Message: 801-214-5281 13717 Shaggy Peak Dr Riverton, UT 84096 First Name Last Name Email Message Send Thank you for reaching out! Sign up for Our Newsletter! Stay in the know of all the latest PTA news. Enter your email here Sign Up Thanks for submitting!

  • BATTLE OF THE BOOKS | Foothills Elem. PTA

    Battle of the Books Sign Up About BOB Book Lists Log Books Story Map BOB Volunteers BOB Timeline Battle of the Books 2024/25 Sign Up About B.O.B. About Battle of the Books What is it? Battle of the Books (B.O.B.) is a program for 3rd-6th graders. ​ Think Spelling Bee Competition, but for books! ​ Students have a list of 20 books to read throughout the school year and participate in Book Battles in the Spring. For every book logged, students will earn buttons featuring the book's cover. Students who would like to read the books but do not want to compete can still earn the buttons. Just let us know when you register that you don't want to be placed on a team. Where do I start? Sign up for B.O.B. by clicking on the "Sign Up" button below! After you have registered, you can start logging books for your grade level! How does it work? Those who sign up AND read/log at least 6 books logged by Dec 1st , 2024 will be placed on a B.O.B. team and be able to participate in the battles that take place in the spring. Those who sign up and read/log less than 6 books can still read, and earn buttons, but will be ineligible to compete in the battles. What happens at the competition? Student teams will be asked questions about the books and earn points each time they correctly answer a question with the corresponding book title and author. ​ The teams will move on in a Tournament that will end in a Final Book Battle Tournament that will take place in front of their peers . There will be one Battle of the Books Finalist Champion Team for each of the 3rd/4th and 5th/6th grade team groups. Sign Up If you have any questions please contact our Battle of the Books Coordinator, Laurie Jo at: BOB Book Lists 2022-2023 书单 You can print this list and mark off when you read a book, log a book, and fill out a story map 3rd & 4th Grade Book List 5th & 6th Grade Book List BOB 3rd & 4th Grade Students BOB 5th & 6th Grade Students BOB Teachers/Staff Story Map Story Maps 可以在阅读每本书后填写,这将帮助您的学生在阅读后很长时间记住他们阅读的书中的重要部分。他们可以填写这些,然后把它们带到课后聚会上,这样团队就可以研究它们。 Print a Blank Story Map 3rd/4th Digital Story Map 5th/6th Digital Story Map Story Map BOB Timeline Graphic 2024-25 Timeline will be posted soon! B.O.B. Timeline For BOB Volunteers Volunteer to Help With B.O.B. If you would like to volunteer to help with B.O.B., please fill out the form by clicking the Volunteer button below. You can also email Laurie Jo at: Volunteer Info For Volunteers Here are the Battle of the Books Rules Quick Summary of Roles Detailed Rules and Battle Format

  • Fundraiser | Foothills Elem. PTA

    筹款活动 保存日期! 2022 年 9 月 12 日星期一 趣味跑 Fun Run 将于 9 月 12 日星期一的上课时间举行。每个学生的目标是收集至少 20 美元的 Fun Run 捐款。 Fun Run 捐款可以在 8 月 18 日星期四(开学第一天)和 9 月 15 日星期四(Fun Run 之后的星期四)之间的任何时间通过 Fun Run 信封或在我们的在线 PTA Memberhub 商店中上缴。 趣味跑奖品: 每位参加趣味跑的学生都将获得一份奖品。 学生每收到 5 美元的捐款,就会参与抽奖,获得个人奖品。如果他们达到了 20 美元的 Fun Run 捐赠目标,他们将获得参与抽奖的奖金。奖品包括:滑板车、史莱姆套件、艺术套件、Squishmallows、悬停板、特技赛车等等! Brookers - Too Cool for School Ice Cream Party & Presentation 的班级奖也将颁发给收集最多 Fun Run 捐款的班级。 收集最多 Fun Run 捐款的年级也将获得特殊动物表演的年级奖。 进行有趣的跑步捐赠 (2022 年 8 月 1 日至 9 月 15 日可用) 狂欢 狂欢节将于 9 月 12 日星期一下午 4:30-7:30 举行。嘉年华将包括充气玩具、岩墙和火车。可以购买无限制的腕带,让孩子们在活动期间可以无限制地进入这些景点。从 8 月 18 日星期四到 9 月 2 日星期五,腕带预售价格为 12 美元。您可以使用 PTA Back to School Packet 或我们的 PTA MemberHub 在线商店中提供的信封购买腕带。 9 月 2 日星期五之后,您可以在嘉年华现场亲自购买 Unlimited Wristbands,每个售价 15 美元。 无声拍卖将于 9 月 12 日星期一下午 4:30-6:30 在嘉年华现场举行。无声拍卖将于下午 6:30 立即结束,结账时间为下午 6:30-7:30。无声拍卖将收集捐赠的班级篮子以及当地企业的捐赠。从无声拍卖中获得最多资金的班级篮子将获得班级 STEM 套件和爆米花或冰淇淋派对的特别班级奖。 食品卡车 嘉年华将于下午 4:30 至 7:30 期间提供各种食品卡车。一些桌子和椅子可供在食品卡车上用餐的人使用。如果您愿意,欢迎您带上自己的毯子或椅子。 年度筹款活动的目的 我们的年度筹款活动是我们每年筹集资金的一次机会,用于支付我们学年所需的所有计划、活动、志愿者和用品。 PTA 为学校提供实地考察、六年级和幼儿园庆祝活动的资金,提供书籍之战和反思计划,在家长 - 教师会议期间提供教师晚餐,以及返校午餐。 PTA 还促进了房间家长计划,协助志愿者拍摄学校照片、听力和视力筛查以及校长的骄傲集会。 PTA 帮助向家庭提供精神与善良服装和年鉴。它为学校及其家庭免费提供 Dudes & Donuts、Moms & Muffins & Good Morning Grandparents(今年新增)。它还提供绿丝带、红丝带和白丝带周、每月通讯、书展以及帮助为学校和山麓家庭服务的天使树和服务日机会。 购买腕带 腕带包括:无限弹跳屋、摇滚墙和儿童火车 ​ 12 美元腕带预售 : 至 2022 年 9 月 2 日 - 现金或支票信封 -MemberHub 上的卡片 ​ 15 美元腕带: 9月3日-9日 -MemberHub 上的卡片 现场活动之夜 -现金、支票或卡 ​ *参加此活动不需要腕带,仅当您想无限制地进入弹跳屋、岩墙和火车时。 支持 无法筹款但仍想支持? 做捐献。 ​ 志愿者帮助筹款活动

  • CONTACT | Foothills Elem. PTA

    Meet Foothills PTA PTA Directory CONTACT US Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments We are here to help! Email: Text Message: 801-214-5281 13717 Shaggy Peak Dr Riverton, UT 84096 First Name Last Name Email Message Send Thank you for reaching out! PTA Directoy Executive Board Commissioners Coordinators Holly King Teacher Appreciation OPEN White Ribbon ​ Kimber Probst Red Ribbon Christine Mair Teacher Meals Dana Miller Membership Alexis Tanner Family Life OPEN Field Day ​ OPEN Green Ribbon & Safety ​ Chaly Jones Health & Safety Shannon Byrd Volunteer & Awards Katelyn Vidmar Room Parent Legislative Coordinator OPEN ​

  • Yearbook Info | Foothills Elem. PTA

    MEMORY BOOK Hey there, Mustangs! Time to corral those memories into one incredible keepsake with this year’s “Everything is Awesome” Memory Book! The order window is now closed. For those who ordered a memory book, they will be distributed prior to dismissal of school for the summer. If you did not order a yearbook and would like one, there will be a limited number of copies available in the school office on a first come, first served basis.

  • PTA Directory | Foothills Elem. PTA

    Join the Team! Interested in volunteering? There are many opportunities to help throughout the year and we welcome any and all help.

  • PTA Minutes etc (old) | Foothills Elem. PTA

    PTA Meetings Contact us for more information on the following Agendas Minutes Artifacts

  • 5th & 6th Battle Bracket | Foothills Elem. PTA

    5th & 6th Grade Battle Bracket Check here for LIVE Battle updates Back to Battle Home

  • Spirit Night | Foothills Elem. PTA

    SPIRIT DAY Local businesses partner with Foothills PTA and generously donate a portion of sales to our school, which is then used to fund class field trips and other activities. Next Spirit Day: April 17th! at Cafe Zupas 4-9 PM Be sure to mention Foothills Elementary when you order! Thank you for supporting Foothills PTA. Grizzlies Spirit Night Thank you to everyone who supported our Spirit Night with the Utah Grizzlies on March 9, 2024! Not only was it so much fun, but it was our most successful Spirit Night to date, bringing in just under $1000!

  • SUPPORT PTA | Foothills Elem. PTA

    SUPPORT PTA Did you know you are the key to your child's success? Join the Foothills PTA for leadership, service, and advocacy opportunities. Whether you have a lot of or a little time to spare We have a role for you. Join PTA Volunteer Foothills PTA relies on volunteers to help run each and every event, program and meeting. ​ Volunteer help comes in many forms and we welcome any and all ways you can volunteer this school year. ​ We look forward to working with you! Room Parent Info Join PTA Board Join PTA Committee Volunteer Opportunities Donate Donate Interested in making a donation? Click the donate button to make a donation in any dollar amount at any time during the year. ​ For other donations please contact our Donations & Silent Auction Coordinator at: ​ Volunteer Opportunities You can make a difference by serving on the PTA Board or Committee. There are opportunities to help throughout the year. Help as much or as little as you would like! Volunteer Room Parent Every K-6 classroom has a Room Parent responsible for coordinating classroom volunteers, collaborating on donations, organizing volunteers and supplies for class parties, and assisting with other classroom needs as they arise throughout the year. ​ Sign up at Back To School Night. ​ Contact your child's teacher directly or message our room parent coordinator at: Email Room Parent Coordinator Join A PTA Committee Are you interested in assisting with events and programs but don't want to take charge? Consider volunteering on a PTA committee. ​ Simply let us know what you'd like to assist with and how much availability you have, and we'll ensure you're matched with an appropriate task. You can sign up at any time by emailing us below. PTA Committee Sign Up Join the PTA Board We are always in need of PTA Board Members. Some of the current open positions are: ​ Legislative Coordinator White Ribbon Coordinator (Internet Safety) Field Day Coordinator Service Coordinator (Angel Tree & Day of Service) Historian & Photography Specialist We Want You! White Looking for a PTA Legislative Coordinator We Want You! 1/5 Message Us

  • Mock Battle | Foothills Elem. PTA

    Mock Battle Video Back to B.O.B Page

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