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Week 1: PTA Basics Video

This video is for Parents, Teachers and Community members that want to understand more about the PTA and how they can be involved this year.

In this video I share the different ways you can be involved in the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) this year.

Join PTA.

Become a member for $6 per person. Becoming a PTA member does not obligate you to volunteer a certain amount of hours or be involved in a certain way.

We have a goal to have 268 PTA members this year, 50 dudes join PTA, and have all teachers & staff join. Benefits of joining include voting rights, Come Play with PTA discounts, being on the contact list to find out about events & programs first and knowing what is happening within our school community.

Volunteer on a Committee.

This year, you can volunteer to join one or more committees. It might sound like a big commitment, but really it just gets you on the contact list for the programs and events for that commission. Throughout the year, we will e-mail you, so you can learn about ways to be involved as needs arise. If at that time you can help, then we would love the help.

Become a Room Parent.

You can sign up to be a Room Parent at Back to School Night.

If you are not chosen as a Room Parent or if you cannot be a Room Parent this year, you can still make sure to be on the Room Parent Contact List so you don't miss any updates or info from your Room Parent. Get on the Room Parent List: here.

Take an Open Board Position

We have several open PTA Board positions open for the 2022-2023 school year. Help out by taking a coordinator or specialist position for the school year. You can view open positions and fill out a form on the Volunteers page.

Show up! Support our events by showing up and actively participating!

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